Authentic Celebra-cations ~ Ancestry Travel

Vacation with Confidence——Our Personal Travel Experts Will Take Your Experience to the next Level!

Life Style imgIn today’s fast-paced world you can, without question, go online to research almost anything. However, combining your desire to know your past ~ trace your roots ~ combined with the intricacies of mapping your global journey, let the experts at Travel Concepts navigate this passage into your past with you!

We help our clients with a customized itinerary into your family history based on the notes and memories from your grandparents and ancestors of the past. Visit and experiences the places you only heard about … touch the walls of the church your grandparents (and their family member) were married, discover the culinary flavors that have inspired your family traditions. Feel the history as you Walk Their Footsteps.

Your Celebra-cation™ is designed around the history that represents your DNA.

Discover the missing piece of your ancestry. We invite you to travel to places which represent stories of people and events of the past & present. Every trail has a story. If you can dream it, we can take you there!

We help our clients with choice of destination, intimate knowledge of accommodations the world over and relationships that can make every travel experience a fantastic one.

Life Style imgAdditionally, in the unfortunate event that something unforeseen happens, we can reach out to our connections and help remedy a situation in a manner that simply doesn’t exist in today’s world of do-it-yourself travel.

With Travel Concepts by your side, Tracing Your Roots will open up the storybook of generations past, and create a once-in-a-lifetime Celebra-cation™.


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