Exploring Your Ancestry

By Denise Canon, August 19, 2019

Dig into your roots, then connect more deeply to the people in your past and make the journey to where your ancestors called home.

If you have dabbled into researching your roots, or maybe felt the urge to answer the calling on Ancestry.com to discover your heritage, you are the perfect candidate for Ancestry Travel. It’s more than a dream, a curiosity — it’s a thing, and there are numerous ways to go about it. You may want to stay local and simply know more about your ancestors, or travel abroad with a group or on your own. Turn your dreams into your reality. Here are five ways to get started with Ancestry Travel and Travel Concepts KC!

  1. Begin With Public Genealogy Records.

Reach out to your county courthouse or contact a genealogy library, and you are likely to discover insights into your family tree. There are numerous resources locally and abroad to assist in beginning your research. You might consider a historical society to provide options to consider. With some basic information (family names, dates of birth, death or wedding dates), the data will begin to flow and your journey begins.

  1. Dig Deeper With Likely and Unlikely Genealogy Resources.

Online genealogy resources like www.ancestry.com have grown in popularity. AncestryDNA is an easy-to-use, at-home DNA test that will offer greater information into your ethnicity. Travel is a natural partner for family heritage discovery. My own desire of knowing more about my family tree began with this simple test, providing amazing results within 4 – 6 weeks. It not only confirmed my knowledge of my heritage, but it also provided a broader understanding or other countries that contributed to my ancestry mix. Croatia became my ‘bucket list’ destination, and with the help of the Travel Concepts genealogy expert, Kersti Canon, that dream became my reality. A meeting is arranged with our genealogy expert to dig deeper into the roots of your family tree.

  1. Work With a Travel Agency Partner to Further Your Ancestral Journey.

In today’s fast-paced world you can, without question, go online to research almost anything. However, combining your desire to know your past ~ tracing your roots ~ with the intricacies of mapping your global journey, can be daunting. Let the experts at Travel Concepts navigate this passage into your past with you! We have combined two passions in a journey that will exceed your every expectation. We help our clients with a customized itinerary into your family history based on the notes and memories from your grandparents and ancestors of the past. Visit and experience the places you only heard about.

  1. Consider a Uniquely Designed Heritage Experience

Your Celebra-cation™ is designed around the history that represents your DNA. For those with deeply personal religious experiences during World War II (for example), Travel Concepts will work with destination partners to create a highly customized heritage itinerary. Maybe you are searching for relatives of a family who helped to hide great grandparents during the war or aided in the escape from the ‘Old World’ to find a better life in America. By working with a team of private Celebra-cation™ specialists, travelers can expect handcrafted itineraries that enable them to connect with their family roots.

  1. Next Steps to Discovering Your Past and Reinventing Your Future

I have spent 35+ years in this travel industry planning incredible ‘bucket list’ journeys for numerous clients. Now, with the one-stop shop approach of combining genealogy research and travel, the heart-felt passion provided by Travel Concepts will open up the storybook of generations past, and create an once-in-a-lifetime Celebra-cation™. We can additionally assist with guides, translators or drivers to your place of origin which often lead to many happy reunions. If you can dream it, we can take you there!

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