5 Occasions to Celebrate with Travel

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There’s always a reason for a Celebra-cation™ –but here’s 5 of our favorites:

1. Milestone Birthdays

Did someone just hit the big 5-0? Then, let’s celebrate! Milestone birthdays are a popular excuse for travelers to get away from the ordinary and do something fun with their friends and family.  We help numerous groups plan the ultimate birthday getaway each year and can arrange everything from balloons and a cake, to private bottle service –or a late night in-room party at one of our exclusive resorts. Because another year in the books deserves a celebration!

2. Honeymoons

Another common occasion to celebrate with travel –your honeymoon! Nothing says romance like a sky massage on the beach, room service at 2am, or a private candlelit dinner on the beach. Our partners will be sure to treat the newlyweds like royalty –after all, planning a wedding can be exhausting! The only thing you’ll have to worry about is whether you should order the Mai Tai or the Long Island. *Clink*

3. Anniversaries

What better way to celebrate years of marital bliss, than in paradise with your better half? Anniversaries are another popular reason travelers like to get away. Not only do most properties offer a variety of unique anniversary packages, but they typically throw in additional perks like chilled champagne in your room, spa credits, private dinners, and more –guaranteed to make this trip as special as the day you said “I do!

4. Retirements

Your retirement is a long-awaited accomplishment you should be proud to celebrate! So, why not kick it off the right way, in paradise? We can hook you up with a variety of fun activities and entertainment for your entire group –though you’ll probably have plenty of that in your new life ahead! 😉

5. Ancestry Travel

A unique –and quite possibly one of our favorite reasons to travel, is designed around the history in your DNA! Ancestry travel has become increasingly popular over the years due to platforms like Ancestry.com, which encourages users to discover their family roots well before their time. This Celebra-cation™ invites you to travel to the places that represent the stories of the people and events from the past and present. We’ll even create a customized itinerary based on the notes and memories from your ancestors!

Will you be celebrating any of these special occasions in the near future? Then make it an event to remember –with travel! For more information, please contact us to speak with a travel specialist!

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