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Saint Lucia is one of over 7,000 islands in the Caribbean, so what exactly makes it stand out? Although the island wears its beauty and uniqueness with modesty, Saint Lucia bears no shortage whatsoever of natural and cultural wonders. From the fantastically photogenic Piton volcanoes and the perfectly utopian Sandy Beach in the south to the Pigeon Island National Landmark in the north, there is so much to see and do on this small island.

As the perfect destination for travelers and tourists that share a variety of interests, Saint Lucia caters to holidaymakers with all sorts of hobbies and pursuits. Scuba diving, hiking, going to adventure parks, joining guided tours, taking catamaran cruises or simply enjoying a cool refresher on the beach are only some of the activities you can do here. Cruise ships regularly dock at the island’s ports for brief stop-overs, giving tourists a chance to hop off onto dry land and enjoy some of Saint Lucia’s wonders on the go.

Drenched in sweet music, rhythmic flavor and abundant color, the island’s annual summer event, St Lucia Carnival, is a street parade of bright feathers and revealing costumes. For the rest of the year, the island still retains its summery vibes and remains a popular and enticing destination day in, day out.

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