About Travel Concepts

In Hawaiian culture, the pineapple symbolizes welcome, happiness, and the relaxed hospitality that the islands are well known for. At Travel Concepts, we strive to keep that pineapple state of mind in all we do.

Travel Concepts, Inc. is a private, woman-owned travel consulting and management company located in Kansas City.  We opened our doors to clients in 1996 with the collective belief that exceeding clients’ expectations and designing bucket list worthy travel packages would be our number one priority as individuals and as a team.  We serve our clients with undeniable integrity and offer elite levels of personal service to each and every customer.

Travel Concepts KC is a recognized brand and name within the travel industry for the last 26 years. We approach our clients with the heart to serve, with passion, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.  These facets, along with the focused effort of hiring associates whose areas of expertise complement one another, have led to a prestigious reputation among top leaders in our industry.

Our claim to fame and one of our proudest accomplishments is inventing the Celebra-cation® (both the word and the experience!) A Celebra-cation® is a period of time when an individual or family goes on a dream vacation with the purpose of celebrating a particular day or event!  One of our biggest pleasures is designing a luxury and inclusive experience for our clients that will allow them to fully celebrate the most important life events through a vacation that we have curated to meet their wildest dreams!  

We are proud members of Travel Leaders, ASTA and IATAN. 

Our mission is simple and it is our goal that you feel it through every touchpoint with Travel Concepts: we are passionate about our clients, their dreams and their travel experiences.  We pride ourselves on being customer service experts who anticipate our clients’ every need to deliver streamlined and perfected travel experiences. 

If you can dream it, we can take you there!

Why Travel Concepts?

Accredited/full-service travel agency

Extensive product and destination experience 

Unmatched knowledge of the industry

Professional specialists attentive to your unique needs

Ability to tailor luxury adventures to your personal budget

Complete management of your trip from start to finish

Passionate about providing a memorable experience

Spectacular customer service


Meet The Travel Concepts Team

Travel Concepts has expanded our team to include 10+ Travel Specialists throughout the United States.  With over 70 combined years in the travel industry, we possess unmatched destination and product knowledge that we deliver to our customers through elite and over-the-top customer service.

As industry leaders, the team at Travel Concepts is committed to designing and delivering opulent and innovative concepts, destinations and experiences.  We hold expert certification with numerous destinations and resort partners globally and we take great satisfaction in building and maintaining solid relationships with our partners worldwide.

At Travel Concepts, our job does not stop after the booking process.  No matter where you are traveling, we are by your side virtually as you take off or set sail until the moment that you arrive home safely.  We are with you through every step to help you through any unforeseen travel situations that you may need assistance navigating.  You are our number one priority from consultation through the completion of your trip.  As your personal travel concierge, we remain at your side with white-glove service!

Denise Canon

Denise Canon


I believe to my core that it is a beautiful thing when career and passion come together.  That is just what happened for me when I officially opened the doors to Travel Concepts in April of 1996.  As the President and CEO, I manage and oversee the general operations of the company, maintain impeccable relationships with our partners and vendors and mentor our immediate team of two, as well as a group of ten independent sales associates. As the heartbeat of Travel Concepts, it is my first priority to make sure the individuals around me, both employees and clients, are well-served and satisfied.

One of the biggest joys of Travel Concepts is our Celebra-cation®, an experience (and word!) that we proudly invented! My favorite part of working with clients is designing this unique experience together.  I picture it like a blurry canvas at the start, but after an initial consultation where the client shares their anticipated travel dreams and experiences, the entire trip starts to come into focus.  We work together through proposals and design plans until their dream trip develops into the beautiful and brilliant experience that they have been anticipating.  I love facilitating this process and watching clients light up with excitement around the trips of their dreams.

It is our goal at Travel Concepts to exceed our clients’ every expectation, no matter their destination.  We are there every step of the way from the initial consultation, to planning and prepping, to navigating hiccups or unexpected travel situations.  Until they land home safely from their trip, we are virtually by their side.  Our loyalty is unmatched and this is why Travel Concepts has become a recognizable brand within the travel industry during the last 26 years.

What I love most about Travel Concepts is that what once was my dream is now a reality.  I have always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to travel. To be able to merge these two ideas together into a career that I love, while having the opportunity to make a difference for my clients, employees and independent travel associates is my dream come true. When you meet me, you will know that I live by the Golden Rule of treating others how I wish to be treated, and everyone who crosses my path is treated with kindness and compassion.

Outside of work, I reside in Lenexa, KS, happily married since September 1988. My passion for travel extends to both familiar and new destinations, exploring unique culinary delights, and indulging in my love for wine. When not traveling, you’ll find me immersed in gardening, staying active, and embracing the positive energy these activities bring. I’m blessed with a loving family, including three children and three grandchildren, who enrich our lives every day.

Get to know Denise:

  • Your superpower: Positivity and Partnerships/Relationships
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • The most inspiring part of your job: Making a difference for our customers and designing amazing Celebra-cations®!
  • One destination that everyone should travel: French Polynesia: Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine
  • Favorite snack: Ruffles Sour Cream Cheddar Chips
  • On my days off, you’ll find me: Gardening and sharing time with my family
  • I’ve never: been sky-diving!
  • My go-to karaoke song is: Dancing Queen by ABBA
  • If I could live inside a movie, it would be: The Secret: Law of Attraction/Manifestation
Ashley Jessee

Ashley Jessee

General Manager

I have been with Travel Concepts since 2017 as the General Manager of the company.  I have the honor of being Denise’s right-hand girl, booking trips, managing our groups and helping to run the company day-to-day.  Honestly, whatever needs to be done to serve our clients and help our team move forward collectively, I jump in and do it!

My favorite part of my job is helping to make people’s travel dreams come true.  It’s the absolute best not only when someone is so excited for a trip that we have helped them plan, but when they come back having experienced the greatness that is out there in the world.  When clients take a Travel Concepts Celebra-cation and literally have the time of their lives, THAT is the feeling that brings passion to my job for me!

I understand that no single approach to travel is right for everyone and I will always work and plan with the client’s individual needs as my focus.  I am an organized leader with strong problem-solving skills, and it is my number one priority to assure that our Travel Concepts clients are happily served the vacation that they are dreaming to take.

Outside of work, I am a wife of ten years, as well as a mom to a beautiful little girl and a handsome baby boy!  My husband and I love to golf together, hang out with our little ones, and of course, travel as much as possible!  If our destination has champagne and tacos, we are happy!

Get to know Ashley:

  • Your superpower: being a mommy! (trust me, it’s a superpower!)
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • The most inspiring part of your job: creating dream trips!
  • One destination that everyone should travel: Greece
  • Favorite snack: a tie between chips and french fries
  • On my days off, you’ll find me: golfing and going to Target
  • I’ve never: gotten a tattoo
  • My go-to karaoke song is: anything by Shania Twain
  • If I could live inside a movie, it would be: any Hallmark Christmas movie



Meet Kimberly Sanders, the dynamic force behind Travel Concepts, as the Marketing and Sales Manager. Kimberly’s journey in sales began at a tender age of 19, where she honed her skills in banking, later delving into diverse arenas such as technology and radio advertising sales, and still currently a real estate agent in Kansas and Missouri. Drawing from this rich tapestry of experience, Kimberly is thrilled to be spearheading Travel Concepts, where she helps curate bespoke luxury travel experiences, ranging from romantic getaways like honeymoons and destination weddings to family escapades and corporate retreats.

But beyond her professional prowess, Kimberly is a devoted mother to her son Ryan, who’s on the cusp of entering the world of driving at the age of 14 – a testament to the fleeting nature of time. She finds solace in fitness, basking by a pool or ocean on scorching summer days, and indulging in her passions for shopping and culinary adventures. For Kimberly, life is a mosaic of cherished moments shared with loved ones, and she embraces each day with gratitude and enthusiasm.

Get to know Kim:

  • Your superpower: Positivity Amplification. I have a love for helping others by sensing what others need to hear and delivering it in a way that uplifts and inspires them. It’s like having a supercharged empathy that fuels my ability to empower others through words.
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • The most inspiring part of your job: I have a passion for guiding wedding couples in discovering their dream destination for their special day, and I take joy in crafting tailored plans that ensure an unforgettable experience for them and their guests.
  • One destination that everyone should travel: Hawaii’s Oahu and Kauai islands have a unique ability to captivate and enchant visitors. The allure of these islands is truly magical, offering breathtaking beauty and endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.
  • Favorite snack: Chicken fingers and fries with ranch.
  • On my days off, you’ll find me: Either at the gym, with my family, having lunch out or shopping.
  • I’ve never: started something and not finished it.
  • If I could live inside a movie, it would be: Barbie – because I am a girls girl and love the color PINK.
Kelsi Kernicky

Kelsi Kernicky

Executive SALES Assistant

Since joining Travel Concepts in April of 2016, every moment has been a joyous journey! What I cherish most about my role is transforming your dreams into unforgettable Celebra-cations®! It’s incredibly fulfilling to research a diverse destinations and craft tailor-made experiences that exceed your expectations. Ensuring each traveler has an amazing time brings me immense satisfaction, and I’m dedicated to making your travel dreams a reality.

A fun fact about me is that I am a state-licensed Esthetician. I enjoy doing makeup for friends in my free time. Makeup is about expression, and I love helping others do that. I am at the core a mother to the sweetest, most kindhearted beautiful girl! We enjoy coffee dates and going to the library together. I have found myself getting lost in quite a few really great books recently. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, especially my sister and niece, and nephew! Target and Scheels are a couple of places you will find us most frequently. I love mom and auntie life and being able to spoil the babies.

Get to know Kelsi:

  • Your superpower: Organizing and being able to fold fitted sheets, yes it can be done!
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • The most inspiring part of your job: Finalizing documents knowing our clients are going to have an unforgettable Celebra-cation®
  • One destination that everyone should travel: The Maldives of course!
  • Favorite snack: chips and dip, any type of chip/dip combo
  • On my days off, you’ll find me: Trying a new coffee place! My favorite though is still Blackdog Coffee!
  • I’ve never: Tried sushi
  • My go-to karaoke song is: Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur
  • If I could live inside a movie, it would be: The Great Gatsby

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