5 Unique Souvenirs You Could Actually Use

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It’s time to pass on the magnets and postcards and bring home a souvenir that lives up to its name. Here are 5 ideas you’re guaranteed to use:

Local Flavors

You’ve savored in some of the local flavors during your travels, and know you’ll miss them back at home. So, why not stop by the nearby market or gift shop and pick up those flavors to enjoy in your very own kitchen? Most touristy spots have a large variety of freshly ground spices, olive oils, vinegars, spreads, and more. Not much of a cook? Then consider bringing home a local brew or bottle of wine. You’ll want something when those cravings arise.

Memorable Scent

Whether you lived in Italy for a semester, or a just week in Mexico –there’s just something about the smell of an espresso brewing, or the ocean breeze through your hair, that brings you back down memory lane. Try picking up familiar scents like handmade lotions and soaps, or candles and perfumes to prologue those fond moments from your trip.

Home Furnishings

Love re-decorating? Consider purchasing a Moroccan rug or blanket from a local artisan as you make your way around the area. You might even find some beautiful hand-painted portraits, ceramics, or glassware that would make the perfect addition to your home. These types of souvenirs add a lot of character and authenticity to a room…no matter where you are –just be sure to wrap things carefully so they don’t break during your travels!


What better souvenir from your journeys, than a travel-inspired tattoo? That is…if you’re 100% positive you want to remember it forever 😉. Commemorate your experiences abroad by getting a cultural symbol or meaningful word in the area’s native language. You may even feel compelled to get inked with a symbol that represents a personal experience or favorite memory from your trip. Whatever you decide, just remember to do your research ahead of time. You’ll want to make sure the tattoo shop is legitimate and sanitary. Forever is forever, after all.

A Skill

A new skill to bring home with you is the souvenir that lasts a lifetime! Try a cooking or language class to brush up on your skills (or lack thereof!). Maybe you’d like to learn how to hula or salsa dance from the local pros? Or perhaps, you’re dying to put your surfing skills to test in Australia? Whatever it is, be sure to try it. It’s so fun to learn new things –especially when you’re in the best places to learn them. These types of souvenirs are something you’ll cherish forever!

To relish your travel memories for years to come, we think these souvenirs are your best bet. For more travel tips like these, be sure to check out our latest posts, here. For more info on booking your next adventure, contact us today!

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